STAAD.Pro Help

AD.2006-1002.1.3 AAHSTO (LRFD) Design Code

The STAAD.Pro analysis and design engine has been enhanced with the addition of a new design code, AASHTO (LRFD). The Graphical User Interface (GUI) has been updated to allow the design parameters to be entered and applied as required.

Go to the Design | Steel page and in the Steel Design dialog box, select the option AASHTO (LRFD) from the Current Code drop-list. Click on the button Select Parameters to display the parameters available to be used with this design code. With all parameters displayed in the right Selected Parameters’ panel, close the dialog box. Click on the Define Parameters to set the values for the parameters which can be added or assigned to selected members.

Click on the Commands button to add or assign the commands to the file to instruct a check or selection of sections based on the parameter settings.

The AASHTO design parameters listed in previous versions of STAAD.Pro as AASHTO in the Current Code drop-list of the Steel Design dialog box, have been renamed as ‘AASHTO (ASD)

Note that access to design codes is controlled by your licence agreement and security settings. Not all users have access to all design codes. If this code is unavailable, see your STAAD.Pro supplier to obtain the updates needed to activate this or any other design code.