STAAD.Pro Help

M. To Add a Rectangular Slab

To add a rectangular slab to the current plan, use the following steps.

  1. In a plan workspace, select Slab >  Create Slab Rectangle.
  2. Click a start and end corner for the slab in the graphics window.

    The start corner "snaps" to the nearest existing slab corner. You can input any corner using the X and Y offsets in t

    A gray rectangle connects the initial point to your mouse pointer to indicate the general direction of the slab. Exact slab dimensions are specified in the next steps, though.

    The Slab Details (Rectangle) dialog opens.
  3. Specify the slab details:
    1. (オプション)  Type X Offset Y Offset
      ヒント: You may use negative numbers here.
    2. Type material, geometry, and loading parameters.
    3. Specify the direction the slab spans: Two Way, One Way, or Distribute on Selected Edges.
      ヒント: The Length and Breadth values specified determine the recommended default direction.
      ヒント: Cantilevered slabs can be specified using the Distribute on Selected Edges option and clicking a single, supporting edge.
  4. Click OK.

    The slab is drawn in the Plan | Slab page graphical view.

    ヒント: If the slab has been drawn beyond the extents of the window, right-click anywhere not on a slab and select Zoom Extend from the pop-up menu.
    Describe the results of the action.
  5. Repeat Steps 2 through 4 as necessary to continue drawing slabs.
    ヒント: Press <Esc> to quit using this tool.