STAAD.Pro Help

D. To specify aluminum design code and parameters

To initiate the design of aluminum members and specify the code parameters, use the following procedure.

注記: To reduce the number of load cases used in design operations, you may want to create a load envelope or load list prior to specifying the design.

Batch mode design is specified and performed in the Analytical Modeling workflow.

  1. On the Analysis and Design ribbon tab, select Aluminium in the Design group gallery. The Aluminum Design - Whole Structure dialog opens.
    注記: Only the US Aluminum code is available for design of aluminum members.
  2. Click Define Parameters. The Design Parameters dialog opens.
  3. Specify a value or option for each required parameter for a set of members and then click Add. You only need to specify parameters that require a different value from the default value. Repeat this step for all non-default parameters.
    注記: Different parameters can be used for different member type designs (e.g., columns, beams, etc.). Alternatively, you can use a separate set of parameters for different member types.
  4. Click Close. The design parameters are marked with an icon. This indicates that the need to be assigned to members.
  5. Use one of the STAAD.Pro assignment methods to assign each parameter to the applicable members.
You will now need to instruct the program to perform a design command on these members.