STAAD.Pro Help

RR 21.00.00-2.1 STAAD.Pro物理モデラー

You can use physical modeling concepts to generate structure geometry and reference load cases through the STAAD.Pro物理モデラー interface.

You can launch STAAD.Pro物理モデラー by selecting this as the modeling method when creating a new model on the Start page or by selecting the Physical Modeling workflow for an empty model.

  • Syncing physical model data will overwrite any model geometry created in the analytical modeling interfaces (i.e, traditional STAAD.Pro user interface or STAAD.Proエディタ).
  • You cannot edit geometry, materials, reference loads, etc. created in the physical modeling interface from either the STAAD.Pro user interface or the STAAD.Proエディタ. Physical models must be edited in STAAD.Pro物理モデラー.
  • It is recommend that you begin a physical model by selecting the Physical Modeler from the New Model Wizard.

The STAAD.Pro tutorials have been re-written to incorporate the physical modeling workflow. It is recommended that even experienced STAAD users work through these tutorials to familiarize themselves with STAAD.Pro物理モデラー.

Similarly, take some time to review the Quick Overview and Getting Started sections of the STAAD.Pro物理モデラー help as they describe many of the differences in working in STAAD.Pro物理モデラー versus the traditional STAAD.Pro interface and STAAD input files.