STAAD.Pro Help

Limited Versus Full Licensed Versions of STAAD Foundation Advanced

STAAD Foundation Advanced is available in two forms:

  • licensed version
  • a limited version which may be used with a STAAD Foundation Advanced license
注記: This limited version requires a license for STAAD.Pro but not a separate license for STAAD Foundation Advanced.

When you launch the program with STAAD Foundation Advanced installed, you are given a choices to select one of these in the License Configuration dialog. If you select the limited version option, then you only have access to the items as indicated in the following table. If you have purchased a license then you will have access to all the modules in STAAD.Pro.

注記: All available design codes are included for each feature.
表 1. Items included in the free, limited version of STAAD Foundation Advanced. Items indicated with a "✔" are available with a free, limited version license. Items indicated with an "X" require a license to use.
Mode Feature Name Limited Version (license free)
Toolkit All modules X
General Isolated footings
General Combined footings
General Pilecaps
General Mat foundations X
General Octagonal footings X
General Strap footings X
General Vibrating machine foundations X
General Combined with rib X
Plant All modules X
ヒント: If you uncheck the Show on startup option but need to access the License Configuration dialog, you can select the License Configuration tool in the Settings group on the Home ribbon tab.