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AD.2007-04.1.4 Additional Standard Profile Databases

An additional Australian cold formed database has been provided to complement the cold formed sections databases currently provided.

The following database and tables have been added from OneSteel. Duragal®, Galtube® and Tubeline®

Australian Cold Formed Steel Hollow Sections

Circular Hollow Sections:

  • Galtube Plus®, 26.9mm to 76.1mm diameter
  • Tubeline, grades C250L0 (AS1163) and 350L0 (AS1163), 26.9mm to 457.0mm

Rectangular Hollow Sections

  • Duragal®, grade C450L0 (AS1163), 50x20mm to 150x50mm
  • Galtube Plus®, grade C350L0, 50x20mm to 75x25mm
  • Tubeline®, grade C350L0 (AS1163), 50x20mm to 250x150mm   

Square Hollow Sections

  • Duragal®, grade C450L0 (AS1163), 20x20mm to 100x100mm
  • Galtube Plus®, grade C350L0, 20x20mm to 65x65mm
  • Tubeline®, grade C350L0 (AS1163), 13x13mm to 250x250mm