STAAD.Pro Help

T.1 Update physical model with design results

If you generated the model geometry using a physical model, then you need to update the physical model with design results.

Since you performed a member selection as part of the member design in the analytical model, the sections need to be updated in the physical model to keep it synchronized. STAAD.Pro物理モデラー will detect that design results are present and prompt you to do this.
  1. Select Physical Modeling workflow in the Workflows panel.

    The STAAD.Pro物理モデラー window opens and the Member Design Selection dialog opens.
  2. Click the Profile selection drop-down. The member design results table opens.
    Note: Here you can review the different analytical member design results for each physical member. Recall that a physical member may be decomposed into multiple analytical members and each of those may have different design results in STAAD.Pro (unless the FIXED GROUP command is used).
  3. Click Accept. The table closes.
  4. Click Commit. The dialog closes and the physical model is updated with the new sections from the STAAD.Pro steel design results.