STAAD.Pro Help

I. To create a restore point

To create a restore point used to backup your entire STAAD project, use the following procedure.

A restore point is a backup of all files associated with a STAAD input model, including a physical model if one is present. The option to include analysis output files is also available when creating a restore point.

  1. Select the File ribbon tab. The STAAD.Pro Backstage view opens.
  2. Select the Backup/Restore tab and then click Create Restore Point.
  3. (Optional) Provide the restore point details:
    1. Type a Name for the restore point. The name value will be populated and incremented automatically if you don't type a differenet value.
    2. Type a Description to provide additional information for this restore point.
    3. Check the option to Include Analysis Data if required.
  4. Click Create. A message dialog informs you the restore point was created.
  5. Click Ok.
You restore your model to this point at any time.