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D13.B.3.4 Eccentric Compression/Tension Members

Eccentric compression or tension members are subjected to simultaneous action of axial force and bending moment. Bending moment appears due to eccentric application of longitudinal force or due to transverse force.

Stress in eccentric compression/tension members is obtained as a sum of stresses due to axial force and bending.

Following the requirements of clause 5.25 of SNiP 2.01.07.- 81* resistance of eccentric compression/tension member taking into consideration condition Ry< 530 MPa, τ < 0.5Rs and N/(AnRy) > 0.1 is calculated by formula 49, and in other cases-by formula 50. Calculations of stability verification are performed according to requirements of clauses 5.27, 5.30, 5.32 or 5.34.

Calculation for strength of eccentric tension members is made according to formula 50 of SNiP 2.01.07.- 81*.

When reduced relative eccentricity mef> 20 eccentric compression members are calculated as flexural members (N = 0), when mef< 20 strength by formula 49 is not verified (clause 5.24).