STAAD.Pro Help

D. Overview


The Connection Design mode in STAAD.Pro is used to dynamically link structural model data —including section properties and analysis results— to the Connection Design application in order to check connection designs for code compliance. The resulting data and diagrams of the connection can also be included in the User Report.

注記: Not all options described here will be available for versions of Connection Design prior to release 7.0.
注記: Full use of the Connection Design mode in STAAD.Pro requires a valid RAM Connection license. The RAM Connection mode will run with a limited set of steel connections available with only a standard STAAD.Pro license. Please contact your Bentley account manager to have a Connection Design license added to your SELECT licenses.


Connections are designed in the Connection Design Mode by creating "Joints" from the geometry and section properties. Forces resulting from the analysis are used in this mode by assigning a load envelope. A set of connection templates is then assigned to the joint. A suitable connection design, if one is available, will be reported once you have selected the appropriate connection templates.

Any number of joints may be selected and designed. Further, connection design is performed automatically for you once appropriate templates have been selected for the selected joints. These enhancements greatly reduce the time required for connection design in models of all sizes.

ヒント: The selected load envelope is now used for all connection designs, instead of per design brief as in previous versions of STAAD.Pro.

Refer to the following procedures and interface elements used in designing steel connections with RAM Connection within STAAD.Pro. For specific information regarding RAM Connection templates, refer to the documentation with RAM Connection.