STAAD.Pro Help

M. To define a time history type by external file

To define a time history type using data in an external text file, use the following procedure.

You must have a separate text file containing pairs of times and values (acceleration, force, or moment). The file extension is not important, but the values must be in plain text.
  1. On the Loading ribbon tab, select the Time History > Forcing Function tool in the Dynamic Specifications group.

    The Add New: Time History Definitions dialog opens.
  2. Type an Integration Time Step value in seconds.
  3. (オプション) Select the Consider Missing Mass Mode option if necessary.
  4. (オプション) Select the Save option to generate a file with time history data.
  5. Select the Loading Type for your data:






  6. Select the From External File option in the Function Options group.
  7. Type the File Name (with or without file extension).
  8. Click Add.
An example of an external data file:
0.0 1.0 1.0 1.2  
2.0 1.8
3.0 2.2
4.0 2.6
If you need to specify a delta time spacing used for the external file data, this must be done using the STAAD.Proエディタ.
注記: You must define time history parameters to complete the time history load definition.