STAAD.Pro Help

GS. Where are the old manuals?

For many versions of STAAD.Pro, the help was primarily a collection of the user manuals in an online format. Though the organization has changed somewhat, all of the existing content is still available to you.

Technical Reference Manual

This chapters of this document have been separated into the logical portions of this help file. You can find each of the sections as follows:
  1. "General Description" - General Engineering Theory
  2. "American Steel Design" - D1. American Codes
  3. "American Concrete Design" - D1.F. American Codes - Concrete Design per ACI 318
  4. "American Timber Design" - D1.G. American Codes - Timber Design per AITC Code
  5. "Commands and Input Instructions" - STAADコマンドのテクニカルリファレンス

International Design Codes Manual

This content is included in the D. Design Codes section of the online help.

The American codes are now included here for consistency. The sections including American aluminium design, American transmission tower design, API steel design code, ANSI/AISC N690 design, and ASME NF codes have all been moved to the chapter for American design codes as well.

Release Report

This document is included as the What's New? section of the online help.

Getting Started and Tutorials

This document has been reorganized and is included primarily within the Getting Started section of the online help.

Graphical User Interface

This content is no longer collected into a sub-section, but has been expanded to cover modeling, analysis, design, post-processing, and interopability as described elsewhere in the online help.

Examples Manual

Most complete input examples, verification examples, and extended modeling examples have been collected into the Application Examples section of the help.