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AD.2007-07.2.3 Design of Class 4 (Slender) Steel Sections per S16-01

An update to the Canadian Steel Design code has been added for the design of Class 4 (slender) steel sections per CAN/CSA-S16-01. Previous versions of STAAD.Pro were capable of designing Section Classes 1, 2, or 3.

The design of slender Class 4 steel sections does not require any different actions or input. The analysis engine will determine if a section meets the criteria for a Class 4 section and then perform the necessary checks, if design checks have been requested for that member.


Refer to D4.B.6 Member Resistances for a detailed description of the methodology used in STAAD.Pro for performing the design of Class 4 sections per S16-01. A verification problem using this feature has also been added to Section 3B.10.