STAAD.Pro Help

T.3 Creating load combinations

This tutorial requires creating two combination cases.

The STAAD input file commands generated are:

1 1.0 2 1.0
1 1.0 3 1.0
  1. Define load case 4 as a load combination:
    1. On the Loading ribbon tab, select the Combination Load Case tool in the Loading Specifications group.

      The Create New Load Combinations dialog opens.
    2. Select the Define Combinations option from the left-hand side.
    3. Type 101 in the Load No: field.
    4. Type Case 1 + Case 2 in the Titlefield.

    Leave the Type option as Normal and the Default a1 as 1. This uses the algebraic sum of the results for the individual load cases in the load combination. The individual results will have a multiplication factor of 1.

  2. Select the load cases for the load combination:
    1. Select 1: DEAD LOAD from Available Load List and then click [>].
    2. Select 2: EXTERNAL PRESSURE LOAD from Available Load List and then click [>]. Load cases 1 and 2 will appear in the Load Combination Definition list.
    3. Click Add.
    Case 101 is created.
  3. To define load case 5 as a load combination, repeat step 1 but type 102 in the Load No: field and type Case 1 + Case 3 in Titlefield.
  4. Repeat step 2 except for selecting load cases 1 and 3 instead of cases 1 and 2.
    Tip: The load cases and combination methods used for a load combination can be changed by selecting a load combination and then clicking Edit.
    Load 102 is created.
  5. Click Close.
Tip: Remember to save your work by either click Save on the File ribbon tab , the Save tool, or pressing <CTRL+S>.