STAAD.Pro Help

Member Labels

The Default labels to be presented are as mentioned below. You can change them as required using the settings provided in the Drawing Style Manager dialog.

Member Labels

Member Type Description
GM Beam - Column Moment Connection
GS Beam - Column Shear Connection
BS Beam to beam Shear Connection
C Column
V Bracing in Elevation
HV Bracing in Plan
PST Post
PTL Portal
TC Top Chord of Truss
BC Bottom Chord of Truss
PUR Purlin

Member Labeling System

Memb Type Section Ref No Built Up Reference Labels
GS 14 F - Channel F/F GS14-F1
GM 14 B -Channel B/B GS14-B2
GM 10 TB- 2 Cover Plates on I/H sxn GM10-TB1
GM 10 TC- 1 Cover Plates on I/H sxn GM10-TC2
GM 10 BC- 1 Cover Plates on I/H sxn GM10-BC3
V 33 L - Long Legs of Angle V33-L1
V 33 - Equal Angle 2V33-10
V 34 S - Short Legs for angle V34-S2
GM 35 SA - Star of angles GM35-SA1
V 10 SI - Star Of I/H Sxn V10-SI2
GM 0 - BU BU - Built Up Girder out of plates GM0-BU1
GM 15 2 I/H Sections 2GM15-10

Member Grouping System in STAAD.Pro

A B C Final Label Remarks
Cantilever Label Group Type Grp Number STAAD Group Names
NC GS 1001 _NC-GS-1001
EC GM 1002 _EC-GS-1002
SC BS 1003 _SC-BS-1003
WC GM 21 _WC-GM-21
C 51 _C-51
V 101 _V-101 Optional For Single Members
HV 2005 _HV-2005 Optional For Single Members
VB (Vert Bracing) 100 _VB-100 All Members can be put in one group
PST (Post) 100 _PST-100
PTL (Portal) 1 PTL-1-ISMC150-150 Each half of the portal Asc and Desc to be grouped seperately
TC (Top Chord) 1 TC-1-ISMC150-3001 Each Top Chord ascending and descending to be grouped separately
BC (Bot Chord) 100 _BC-100
TV (Truss Bracing) 100 _TV-100 All members Vertical and inclined can be put in one group
PUR (Purlin) 100 _PUR-100 Compulsory to group if modeled