STAAD.Pro Help

OS. To get the user values

  1. Place your cursor just after the Debug.Print "OK Button pressed" line and then press <Enter> several times to create additional space between this and the following line beginning with ElseIf.
  2. Type the following commands to populate the variables with the values the user types into the dialog:
            'Get the values
            clmn = Abs( CDbl(dlg.clmn) )
            row = Abs( CDbl(dlg.row) )
            ht = Abs( CDbl( )
            wdth = Abs( CDbl(dlg.wdth) )
            sprt = CStr(dlg.sprt)
    Note: The last captures the support array position as a string whereas the others all capture absolute value of the user input for the respective data fields.
  3. Type the following debug statements to provide back the captured values:
            Debug.Print "No. of Horizontal Bays = ";clmn
            Debug.Print "No. of Vertical Bays = ";row
            Debug.Print "Vertical Distance = ";ht
            Debug.Print "Horizontal Distance = ";wdth
            Debug.Print "Support Type = ";sprt
  4. Type the following command to set the initial values for the coordinate variables:
            crdx = 0
            crdy = 0
            crdz = 0