STAAD.Pro Help

8D.D.6 Member Selection

STAAD.Pro is capable of performing design operations on specified members. Once an analysis has been performed, the program can select the most economical section, that is, the lightest section, which satisfies the applicable code requirements. The section selected will be of the same type (either angle or channel) as originally specified by the user. Member selection may be performed with all angle or channel sections and user-provided tables. Selection of members, whose properties are originally provided from user specified table, will be limited to sections in the user provided table.

The process of MEMBER SELECTION may be controlled using the parameters listed in 8D.D.8 Design Parameters. It may be noted that the parameters DMAX and DMIN may be used to specify member depth constraints for selection. If PROFILE parameter is provided, the search for the lightest section is restricted to that profile. Up to three (3) profiles may be provided for any member with a section being selected from each one.

メンバー選択の一般的な情報については、「 D1.B.1.4 メンバーの選定」を参照してください。メンバー選択コマンドの仕様の詳細については、「TR.49.1 メンバー選定の設定」を参照してください。

8D.D.6.1 Member Selection by Optimization

Steel section selection of the entire structure may be optimized. The optimization method utilizes a state-of-the -art numerical technique which requires automatic multiple analysis. The optimization is based on member stiffness contributions and corresponding force distributions.

An optimum member size is determined through successive analysis/design iterations. This method requires substantial computer time and hence should be used with caution.

Refer to TR.49.2 最適化によるメンバーの選定 for details.