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M. To assign catalog section to physical members

To select and assign a catalog section to physical members, use the following procedures.

注記: For a physical member whose physical member property is already assigned, the individual analytical members in that Physical member will adopt the same member property that of the physical member. However, in case, where the analytical member property is assigned to any member in that physical member, then this analytical member property will supersede physical member property.
  1. Select the Properties page. The Properties - Whole Structure dialog opens.
  2. On the Geometry ribbon tab, select the Toggle Physical Member Mode tool in the Physical Members group.

    The tool is highlighted to indicate the mode is active.
  3. Either:

    select the Database tool in the Specifications group on the Specifications ribbon tab


    select the Properties page and then click Section Database on the Properties - Whole Structure dialog

    ヒント: Selecting the country from the Database tool drop-down list first results in a faster dialog load time.
    The Section Profile Tables dialog opens.
  4. Select the appropriate table:
    1. Select the material tab at the top of the dialog:
      • Steel
      • Coldformed Steel
      • Timber
      • Aluminium
    2. Select the country catalog and shape profile on the left-hand side of the dialog.
    ヒント: If you selected the material and country using the Database tool drop-down, then only that material and country tables are shown in the dialog.
  5. Select the shape profile on the left-hand side of the dialog.
  6. Either:

    select the specific shape (i.e., beam, profile, shape, section, etc.) in the list


    select to define a shape for some (i.e., pipes)

    注記: Refer to related codes in the Design section for information on section nomenclature.
  7. Select the appropriate Type Specification for some shapes. Some type specifications require additional input (such as cover plate dimensions, spacing, composite slab data, etc.).
  8. (オプション) Select an associated Material. This feature allows you to use material definitions for steel, stainless steel, concrete, aluminum, or any previously specified, custom material definitions.
  9. Click Add. The new member property is added to the list as a Physical member property in the Properties - Whole Structure dialog. Such properties are designated with the word "Physical".
    注記: Only the Physical Member properties can be assigned to a physical member, and no analytical member property can be assigned to a physical member.
  10. Click Close.

You must assign the physical member properties to physical members using one of the standard assignment methods from the Properties - Whole Structure dialog.