STAAD.Pro Help

M. To evaluate damping for modes

To instruct the program to evaluate the modal damping values from the first two

STAAD.Pro also has a similar method available for calculating the modal damping when provided the mass-proportional damping coefficient, α and the stiffness-proportional damping coefficient, β. This method must be input using the STAAD.Proエディタ.
  1. On the Loading ribbon tab, select the Modal Damping tool in the Dynamic Specifications group.

    The Modal Damping dialog opens.
  2. Select the Evalute option.
  3. Type Min and Max values to evaluate damping values for each mode.

    The minimum damping value is used for the first two modes. This is also used to evaluate the damping coefficients for subsequent modes based on the first two modal frequencies. If any evaluated damping is greater than the specified maximum value, then the maximum damping is used instead. Refer to Evaluate Damping for additional details.

  4. Click OK.