STAAD.Pro Help

M. Load Combinations

This section describes how to add load combinations to your STAAD.Pro results.

注記: Load combinations of primary load cases are algebraic combination of analysis results. Therefore, they are not applicable to nonlinear analyses.

Load Combinations with Loads from STAAD.Pro物理モデラー

When you are creating load combinations using loads from STAAD.Pro物理モデラー, there are two approaches:
  1. Creating primary loads for each reference load generated from STAAD.Pro物理モデラー. This will combine the analysis results of primary load cases and allow you to include the STAAD.Pro物理モデラー loads in those results.
  2. Using repeat load combinations. These load combinations will use the reference load cases generated by STAAD.Pro物理モデラー (with any necessary load factors).
注記: Do not use primary load cases with STAAD.Pro物理モデラー reference loads and repeat style load combinations, or the results of those load cases will be included twice.