STAAD.Pro Help

AD.2007-1001.1.7 Automatic Property Calculations for User-Provided Table Angle Sections

User-Provided Tables (UPTs) of Angle sections require section properties that can now be calculated when the section dimensions have been defined.

Angle Section UPTs require the following data to be entered for each section:
  1. D, Depth of angle
  2. WF, Width of angle
  3. TF, Thickness of flanges
  4. R, radius of gyration about principal axis, shown as r(Z-Z) in the AISC manual (see below). This must not be set to zero.
  5. AY, Shear area long Y axis
  6. AZ, Shear area along Z axis

Define the dimensions of the angle (shown in bold above):

Then click on the Calculate button to have STAAD.Pro calculate the remaining properties provided:

Note: When these sections are added to a STAAD.Pro model, the angle will be oriented such that the Z-Z axis as defined in the AISC manual will align with the local Z axis.