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M. To assign a tapered I section

To define and assign a web-tapered I section, use the following procedure.

注記: f1(始端ノードでの断面高さ)は、常にf3(終端ノードでの断面高さ)よりも大きい必要があります。これに従ってメンバーを生成する必要があります。

If the tapered section requires a composite slab, then use a tapered I Section user-provided table section instead.

Tapered I-sections have constant flange dimensions and a linearly varying web depth along the length of the member.

せん断変形は、テーパー付きI形はりおよびテーパー付きポールでは考慮されません。つまり、SET SHEARコマンドは、これらの断面を持つメンバーについての変形の計算には影響しません。

  1. On the Specification ribbon tab, select the Tapered tool in the Beam Profiles group.

    The Tapered I dialog opens.
  2. Select an associated Material. This feature allows you to use material definitions for steel, stainless steel, concrete, aluminum, or any previously specified, custom material definitions.
    注記: Tapered I sections are typically steel or aluminum members.
  3. Specify the profile dimensions for the shape.
  4. Either:
    To… Do the following…
    add the section to the model for later assignment click Add.
    add the section to the model and assign to the current member selection click Asign.
  5. Repeat steps 2 through 4 as needed to add more tapered I sections to the model.
  6. Click Close.
The section and, if selected, associated material, is added to the Properties - Whole Structure dialog.
If you did not assign the section to a selection set, you must select the section label in the Properties - Whole Structure dialog and assign it using one of the assignment methods.