STAAD.Pro Help

P. To generate a floor vibration report

To generate a floor vibration report per the procedures of Chapters 3 and 4 of the AISC Steel Design Guide Series No. 11, use the following procedure.

Floor vibration reports are performed for composite decks only. You must define and run an analysis for a composite deck structure in order to generate a floor vibration report.
  1. On the Results ribbon tab, select the Reports > Floor Vibration Report tool in the Reports group.

    The Floor Vibration Report dialog opens.
  2. Select the composite deck name from the Select drop-down list and then select the Load Case.
  3. Either:

    select the closes description for the type of building in the Bldg Type drop-down list in order to select a predefined Beta value


    type the Beta value directly

  4. Click Check. The results of the vibration check are displayed.
    注記: The comparison check is the Acceleration versus the Allowed Acceleration in the Check for Combined Mode section.
  5. (オプション) Click Print and then select the printer to which you want to send the copy.
注記: Floor vibration reports must be output from this dialog. They cannot be included in the STAAD.Pro report.