STAAD.Pro Help

AD.2007-11.2.2 STAAD Editor

A new STAAD editor has been added which has advanced features for manually editing your STAAD input files, including IntelliSense.

Model Navigation

Associated commands are "blocked" together in the editor such that can be managed easier. Larger blocks can be collapsed to show only the first line/command, making it easier to navigate through large models.

A document outline of the model is also in a separate pane. You can double-click any entry in the outline to jump to that point in the input file.


Intelligent code completion is now integrated into the STAAD editor. This allows context-aware code completion suggestions when you type in the editor.

Hover your mouse pointer over the suggested keywords to view tool tips for each.

Section profiles in standard tables are also linked to the editor. When entering a table shape, simply select it from the list of shapes in the drop-down list.

Enhanced Help

Press <F1> to view the help topic related to the command keyword from the Technical Reference help.

Refer to the STAAD Editor help for details.