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D5.B.9 Tabulated Results of Steel Design

For code checking or member selection, the program produces the results in a tabulated fashion. The items in the output table are explained as follows:

refers to the member number for which the design is performed.
refers to steel section name, which has been checked against the steel code or has been selected.
prints whether the member has PASSED or FAILED. If the RESULT is FAIL, there will be an asterisk (*) mark on front of the member.
refers to the clause in DD ENV 1993-1-1:1992 code which governs the design.
prints the ratio of the actual stresses to allowable stresses for the critical condition. Normally a value of 1.0 or less will mean the member has passed. 
provides the load case number, which governed the design.
FX, MY, and MZ
provide the axial force, moment in local Y-axis and the moment in local z-axis respectively. Although STAAD does consider all the member forces and moments (except torsion) to perform design, only FX, MY and MZ are printed since they are the ones which are of interest, in most cases.
specifies the actual distance from the start of the member to the section where design forces govern.
Note: For a TRACK 2 output, the module will also report all the relevant clause checks that have been performed and will also indicate the critical ratio and the load case that caused the critical ratio as well as the corresponding forces that were used for the respective checks. A TRACK 2 output will also include the various design data used for the calculations such as the section modulii, section class, section capacity etc.