STAAD.Pro Help

T.1 Displaying force and moment diagrams

  1. Select the Beam Results page in the Postprocessing page control bar.

    The bending moment MZ is plotted by default. Note that the Mz tool in the View Results group on the Results ribbon tab is depressed (active).

  2. (Optional) Change the force or moment diagram drawn on the structure in the Diagrams dialog:
    1. Right-click in the view window and then select Structure Diagrams from the pop-up menu. The Diagrams dialog opens.
    2. Select the Loads and Results tab.
    3. Select a different Load Case from the drop-down list.
    4. Select one or more options in the Beam Forces group. For example, select the Shear yy to display the shear force diagrams in the local y direction on the members.
    5. (Optional) Click on the color block adjacent to any of the force or moment options to change the color for that diagram.
    6. (Optional) The Beam Forces Diagram options control how the diagrams are filled.
    Tip: Alternatively, you can select which diagrams are displayed and for which load case using the tools and load cases selection in the View Results group on the Result ribbon tab.
  3. On the Results ribbon tab, select the Annotate tool in the Configuration group.

    The Annotation dialog opens.

  4. From the Ranges tab, select All.
    Tip: If you wish to annotate the force/moment for just a few members, specify the beam numbers in the beam list.
  5. Select the locations where you want to display results:
    1. Select the Beam Results tab
    2. Check the Endsand Mid point options in the Bending group.
  6. Click Annotate.

    The diagram is updated with annotated values displayed at the selected locations.

    The Mz bending diagram for Load 2 with annotated values

  7. Click Close.