STAAD.Pro Help

D. To specify brace angle threshold values

To specify angle values used as the limit when auto-detecting brace members, use the following procedure.

Note: The default brace angle values (1 = 60°, 2 = 60°, and 3 = 10°) are recommended. These values typically only need to be changed when the program does not automatically identify a brace member as such.
  1. Select the Parameters page.
  2. On the Chinese Steel Design ribbon tab, select the Secondary Member tool in the Settings group.

    The Brace Angle dialog opens.
  3. Type the values for the angle thresholds as necessary: 1 and 2 are the angle between the brace and the major or minor axis of the member, respectively.

    3 is the angle between adjacent brace members considered to be collinear.

  4. Click OK.
Re-perform the design procedure to have the changes reflected in the brace detection.