STAAD.Pro Help

EX. To place automatically generated loads on the roadway

  1. On the Bridge Deck ribbon tab, select the Loading > Run Load Generator tool in the Loading group. The Load Generator Parameters dialog opens.
  2. On the General tab, Select BS5400 Part 2 as the Design Code. The <code> tab updates to BS5400.
  3. Select Ultimate for the Limit State.
  4. Select the BS5400 tab.
    Note: For this example, the default single load case with the nominal HB vehicle and unit of 30 are OK.
  5. Select the Node Displacements tab.
    Note: An action must be defined for which the maximum results determine the placement of the moving loads. This example will use the same action as reviewed above in the influence surface.
  6. Enter the following data into the Node Displacements table:
    Node Displacement Effect
    104 Y +ve
    104 Y -ve
  7. Click OK. The program analyzes the deck to obtain the critical load positions for the specified action.
A summary of the analysis is opened in your default text editor (e.g., Notepad). The file (named filename_deckx.out) is saved in the same location as the input file. Close the text editor once you have completed reviewing this file.