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D1.D.1.1 General

The section of the above code implemented in STAAD is Chapter 10, Part C – Service Load design Method, Allowable Stress design.  Sections 10.32.1.A and 10.36 are implemented.  As per the AASHTO committee, this is the last edition for this code (the ASD approach) and only technical errors will be fixed in the future for this code.

In general, the concepts followed in MEMBER SELECTION and CODE CHECKING procedures are similar to that of the AISC based design.  It is assumed that you are familiar with the basic concepts of steel design facilities available in STAAD.  Please refer to D. Steel Design for detailed information on this topic.  This section specifically addresses the implementation of steel design based on the AASHTO specifications.

Design is available for all standard sections listed in the AISC ASD 9th edition manual, namely, Wide Flanges, S, M, HP, Tees, Channels, Single Angles, Double Angles, Tubes and Pipes.  The design of HSS sections (those listed in the 3rd edition AISC LRFD manual) and Composite beams (I shapes with concrete slab on top) are not supported.