STAAD.Pro Help

AD.2007-10.2.5 AISC 360-10 Torsion Design

STAAD.Pro can now design open shapes for stresses due to torsion per AISC Design Guide #9, Torsional Analysis of Structural Steel Members.

A new TORSION parameter for the AISC 360-10 steel design code which can be set to instruct the program to perform torsion checks per this guide.

Refer to D1.A.5.6 Design for Torsion for details on the checks performed.

To include torsion checks per Design Guide #9

  1. In the Modeling mode, select the Design | Steel tab.

    The Steel Design - Whole Structure dialog opens.

  2. In the Current Code drop-down list, select AISC 360-10.

  3. Click Define Parameters.

    The Design Parameters dialog opens.

  4. Select the TORSION parameter and select 1 for the option.

  5. (Optional) Select the TRACK parameter and select 3 for the option.

    This will include detailed output for the Design Guide #9 checks in the output.

  6. Click Add.

    This will insert the following commands into the STAAD.Pro input file:

    TRACK 3
  7. For the TORSION parameter (and for the optional TRACK parameter), you must specify a member list using the assignment tools in the Steel Design - Whole Structure dialog.