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D8.C.1 Cross-Sectional Properties

You specify the geometry of the cross-section by selecting one of the section shape designations from the Gross Section Property Tables from IS:811-1987 (Specification for cold formed light gauge structural steel sections).

The AISI Design Manual has been followed to calculate section properties (e.g., Cw) which are not available in the Indian Standard and Manual.

Checks per IS 801 are supported for the following profile shapes:

  • Angle with lips
  • Angle
  • Channel with Lips
  • Channel (or eave strut)
  • Zee or zee purlin
  • Zee with lips
  • Hat
  • Tube
  • Pipe

The properties listed in the tables are gross section properties. STAAD.Pro uses unreduced section properties in the structure analysis stage. Both unreduced and effective section properties are used in the design stage, as applicable.