STAAD.Pro Help

I. Search Methods

STAAD.Proエディタ can use a variety of methods for matching strings when searching an input file.

In either the Quick Find or Quick Replace tabs on the Find and Replace panel, expand the Find options section to display the avaialable matching options.

Look in Select either the document (entire file) or selection to limit the search extents.
Match case Select use case-sensitive matching in the search string.
Match whole word Select to match entire words (separated by white space) only. (e.g., searching for JOI will find "JOI" but not "JOINTS").
Search type
Normal Match the input string literally, using the options selected above.
Regular Expressions Use regular expressions (also referred to as regex or regexp) in the search string. For additional
Wildcard Use standard Windows wildcards to substitute a single character for one or more other characters in the search string.
  • "?" represents a single character, and
  • "*" represents any combination of characters