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D1.A.10.4 Shear

Design of the members subject to shear is performed per chapter G of AISC 360-16.

All the cross-section profiles described in section 1A.10 are considered for shear.

An option to consider tension field action is available. Also, the option to consider the shear capacity of I sections or channel shapes with transverse web stiffeners.

The program does not consider any specific checks for web openings in clause G7.

The design of transverse web stiffeners is not performed.

Limit States

The design shear strength is calculated per G1.

The nominal shear strength is calculated for the following sections:
  • I-Shapes and Channels G2
  • Single Angles and Tees G3
  • Rect HSS, Box Sections, and other Doubly Symmetric Members G4
  • Round HSS G5
  • Shear capacity along weak axis in Doubly Symmetric and Singly Symmetric Shapes G6