STAAD.Pro Help

M. To add objects to an existing group

To add more objects to an existing group, use the following procedure.

It is important to select the current objects in a group along with the additional objects so that the current objects are not removed. When associating objects to a group, only the current selection (or other association method) will be included in the group.
  1. On the Utilities ribbon tab, select the Groups tool in the Geometry Tools group.

    The Create Groups dialog opens.
  2. Select the group name to which you want to add objects.
  3. Click Highlight. The current objects in the group are selected in the view window.
  4. In the view window, use the selection cursors to select the additional geometry.
    注記: Hold the <Ctrl> key in order to select additional objects without unselecting the current group contents.
  5. Select the Associated to Selected Geometry option.
  6. Click Associate.