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AD.2007-07.1.3 Structural Dashboard Integration

Bentley's Structural Dashboard is now integrated into STAAD.Pro V8i.

Bentley's Structural Dashboard V8i is a free utility application which allows you to manage workflows and project files as well as keep up to date with latest products, news, and Be Communities happenings. This program can now be accessed from within STAAD.Pro and will launch whenever STAAD.Pro is started to assist you in managing your entire project workflow.

When STAAD.Pro is first launched after installing Structural Dashboard, a welcome dialog opens to allow you to set the automatic launch option. To launch the program and continue allowing it to launch whenever a Bentley Structural program starts, leave the option selected and click the OK button. Otherwise, you can de-select this option before proceeding.

Launch Structural Dashboard on program startup

Set this option to open the Structural Dashboard application whenever STAAD.Pro is opened.

Tip: This setting can be changed at any time from within the Structural Dashboard program.
Show me this dialog on startup

Set this option to display this dialog whenever STAAD.Pro is opened.

Tip: This setting can be changed at any time from the Configure Program dialog File Options tab.

To launch Structural Dashboard from STAAD.Pro

  1. Select File > Structural Dashboard….

    The Bentley Structural Dashboard V8i program opens.

    Note: If Structural Dashboard has not been installed, this menu item is inactive. You can download the program from
Note: Refer to Section 2.3.1 of the User Interface Manual for additional help in using the Structural Dashboard with STAAD.Pro.