STAAD.Pro Help

EX. To design the brace gusset plate connection

So far, you have selected members which form a joint for design. In this procedure, you will use some of the quick selection tools in the program which can be used to select all joints of a similar type.

  1. On the Connection Design ribbon tab, select the Select Joints > Select all Column-Beam-Brace Joints tool in the Assign Connections group. Members 1, 2, 4, 5, and 7 are selected.
  2. Hold <Ctrl> and then click the lower, left column section to remove it from the selection set. The lower end of the brace ends at a support so a separate connection design incorporating the base plate is needed.
  3. On the Connection Design ribbon tab, select the Gusset Connections tool in the Assign Connections group.

    The Gusset Connections dialog opens.
  4. Select AISC 360-10 (ASD) as the Design Code. Leave all other options unchecked.
  5. Select Gusset Plate CBB (Gusset Plate, Column-Beam-Brace) from the connection types drop-down list.
  6. Double-click the CBB_DW_CBF entry in the Available list. This is a Column-Beam-Brace connection, directly welded, at the column and beam flanges. It is added to the Selected list.
  7. Click OK. The RAM Connection - Validation dialog opens to display the design results overview.
  8. Click Close. The connection design is added to the RAM Connection Input table.