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Plastic Development Coefficients γx, γy, γsharp

The plastic development coefficient is a coefficient related to the shape of the section. The coefficient can be according to "specification" the provisions of article 6.1.2 8.1.1, table, through the STAAD/CHINA specification of CHINA steel structure design parameters γz, γy, γlimb pointed to determine.

The program can automatically determine these coefficients according to the section type of the designed member, namely:

  • For I - section, take γz = 1.05, γy = 1.20;
  • For box section, take γz = 1.05, γy = 1.05;
  • For T steel limb tip parts γsharp = 1.2;
  • For other sections, use table 8.1.1.

If you enter the design parameters γz, γy, γsharp, the program will utilize those values. If you select to use automatic calculation, the program will be in accordance with your choice of sectional form, automatic computing (select) γz, γy, γsharp. Parameter γz, γy, γsharp the default value for the automatic calculation.