STAAD.Pro Help

M. To add a custom table section property

To edit the section database tables to include custom sections, use the following procedure.

警告: It is strongly recommended that you do not modify the database files that are installed with STAAD.Pro. These files are typically overwritten when the program is updated. Instead, you can create your own custom copy and modify that database file.

Adding a section to a database table is useful if you need to commonly use that custom section in many models or projects.

This procedure is not the same as adding a user-defined (UPT) section or catalog. This should only be performed if you need to make edits to the standard shape catalogs that are included with STAAD.Pro. Using a UPT section allows you to enter dimensions and, for many sections, have the program calculate section values.

  1. Select the Section Database tool in the Tools group on the Specifications ribbon tab.

    The Section Database Manager application opens.
  2. In the Databases list, double-click on the country, material, catalog, and table you want to edit. The selected table opens in read-only mode.
  3. Select the Lock tool. The table is unlocked for editing.
  4. Either:
    To… Do the following…
    add a row to the end of the table select the Append Row tool
    add a row above the current table row select the Add Above tool
    add a row below the current table row select the Add Below tool
    The order of the table here is how it will also be presented in the Section Profile Tables dialog in STAAD.Pro. An empty row is added to the table.
  5. Type a record number (RECNO), name, STAAD.Pro nomenclature name (StaadName), and then the section values for each column in the table. You can press <Tab> to move to the next column within a row when entering values.
  6. (オプション) Repeat steps 4 and 5 as many times as needed to add additional shapes.
  7. Click Commit to save the changes to the database.
  8. Select the Unlock tool. The database is now locked against further editing.
  9. Close the SectionDBManager program.
You can now use this section just as you would any default catalog section in STAAD.Pro.
注記: You can use the Delete Row tool to remove the current selected table row. Exercise caution when using this tool!