STAAD.Pro Help

Macro dialog

Used to manage VB macros in STAAD.Pro.

Opens when the Run VB Macros tool is selected.

Macro name and list

The first box displays the name of the currently selected macro file, if one is selected. The list box displays a list of all linked macro files.


Displays a brief description of the macro, if available.

Create New

Opens the Select New Macro File Name dialog, which is used to specify a file name, file type, and description for an empty VB macro file. The Macro editor window then opens, which used to record or edit macro commands.

Active only when no macro is selected.


Opens the Macro editor window, which is used to record or edit macro commands.


Opens the Add an existing Macro dialog, which is used to select macro for linking to STAAD.Pro.


Removes the macro from the linked macros list.

Note: The macro file is not deleted from the disk, only the link association in STAAD.Pro.

Runs the selected macro.


Closes the dialog.