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D6.A.3 Member Capacities

The member strengths are calculated in STAAD.Pro according to the procedures outlined in section 4 of this specification. Note that the program automatically considers co-existence of axial force, shear and bending in calculating section capacities.

For axial tension capacity, procedures of section 4.2 are followed. For axial compression capacity, formulas of section 5.3 are used.

Moment capacities about both axes are calculated using the procedures of sections 4.5 and 4.6. Lateral torsional buckling is considered in calculating ultimate twisting moment per section 5.22 of the specification. The parameter UNL (see D6.A.5 Design Parameters) must be used to specify the unsupported length of the compression flange for a laterally unsupported member. Note that this length is also referred to as twisting length.