STAAD.Pro Help

AD.2006-1004.1.9 Key File Option Added to Configuration Settings

The output file has the option to list all the key files that were used with the analysis including the date of the principal files. However, this can produce unwanted extra printout data and thus an option to specify whether or not this is to be used has been set in the Configuration Settings.

To access the File Configuration Settings, start STAAD.Pro, but close any open file or the New Wizard if it is open. Click on the menu option, File > Configure to open the Configuration Settings dialog and click on the sheet Input/Output File Format, thus:

To include the key file information in the output file, set the option Add key file information to output.

If the option is set, the output file contains information similar to the following at the end of the file.

EXAMPLE PROBLEM NO. 1                                    -- PAGE NO.   18
    Information about the key files in the current distribution
    Modification Date   CRC     Size (Bytes)        File Name
    10/26/2006      0x3cc1      13266944        SProStaad.exe
    10/25/2006      0x1cc0      05836800        SProStaadStl.exe
    09/19/2003      0x2fc0      00081970        CMesh.dll
    10/25/2006      0x4601      02486272        dbSectionInterface.dll
Note: If the general case is that the Key Information is displayed, it can be tuned off in a particular analysis if the data file contains the command SET NOFILE.