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D4.E.3 Member Property Specifications

For specification of member properties, the steel section library available in STAAD.Pro may be used. The next section describes the syntax of commands used to assign properties from the built-in steel table. Member properties may also be specified using the User Table facility. For more information on these facilities, refer to the STAAD.Pro Technical Reference Manual.

Hot Rolled Profiles

  • I Shaped, Wide Flange Sections (including S, M, W, HP, and B Shaped)

  • Tee Shaped Sections (including WT and T)

  • Channel Shaped Sections (including C and MC shaped)

  • Angle Shaped Sections (equal and unequal single angle)

  • Tube Shaped Sections (RHS, SHS, Box and user defined tube sections)

  • Circular Shaped Sections (including CHS, pipe and user defined circular pipe sections)

The following modified sections are also supported:

  • I-section with cover plates

The following composite or compound sections are also supported:

  • Double Angle (short leg connected and long leg connected angle sections, with and without spacing)

  • Double Channel (back to back and front to front connection, with and without spacing)

Tapered Profiles

  • Tapered I

  • Tapered Round

  • Tapered Tube

Note: Tapered members can be designed using check code method only. Member selection is not supported.