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D5.D.11.1 Clause 6.1(1) – General: Partial Safety Factors for buildings

EN 1993-1-1:2005 specifies the use of the partial safety factors to be used in for design as given in Cl. 6.1 of the code. These factors are γM0, γM1, and γM2. EN 1993 provides default values for these factors. However, any National Annex is allowed to override these default values.

The partial safety factors will use the following values for the Malaysian National Annex:

  • Resistance of cross-sections, γM0 = 1.0
  • Resistance of members to instability, γM1 = 1.0
  • Resistance of cross sections to tension, γM2 = 1.1

The design function in STAAD.Pro sets these values as the default values for the MS-NA (NA 9 is specified).

Note: You can change these values through the GM0, GM1, & GM2 design parameters. Refer to D5.C.6 Design Parameters
Note: If any of these parameters are specified as 0, STAAD.Pro will ignore the user specified value (i.e., 0) and use the default values as given above.