STAAD.Pro Help

AD.2007-11.3.2 CAN/CSA S16-14 Steel Design

Steel design per the 2014 edition of the Canadian S16 code, Limit States Design of Steel Structures, is now available.

The performance of designs per CAN/CSA S16-09 has also been improved. The changes in code checks from the 09 and 14 edition of the codes are noted in D4.E.6.1 Members Subject to Axial Forces.

To specify a design using CAN/CSA-S16-14

  1. Select the Design | Steel page.

    The Steel Design - Whole Structure dialog opens.

  2. In the Current Code list, select the CAN/CSA-S16-14.
  3. Click Define Parameters list.

    The Define Parameters dialog opens.

  4. Specify one or more design parameters as necessary.

    Note: Refer to the descriptions in the dialog or to D4.E.7 Design Parameters for definitions of the design parameters and default values used.
  5. Click Add.

    This will insert the following commands into the STAAD input file:

    Tip: To use the older edition of the Canadian steel design code, the command CODE CANADIAN 2009 is required.