STAAD.Pro Help

M. To set attributes for new beams

To specify a set of attributes to automatically assign to new beams, use the following procedure.

For member profiles and member end releases, you will need to add the corresponding specification to your model before you can select it for most attribute sets.
ヒント: The predefined attribute sets have some pre-populated values that will be added to your model automatically, though.
In STAAD.Pro, you will often assign attributes (beta angle, end offsets, material, profile, etc.) after you have placed a member. However, you can also assign attribute sets when creating new members by defining these ahead of time. STAAD.Pro allows you to create and edit named attribute sets so you can easily change between attribute sets.
注記: This feature is not active by default so new members will not have any attributes assigned initially.
  1. On the Geometry ribbon tab, select Add Beam > Set New Beam Attributes in the Beam group. The Define Member Attributes dialog opens.
  2. Select an attribute set in the list.
    ヒント: There are several named sets which can be used or you can simply use the default "(None)" set.
  3. Check the box for each attribute you want assigned. You can check multiple items. Each item has one or more options to select once you have checked to assign it.
    Attribute Description
    Member Property Check to Assign Profile with Material and then select the profile and associated material from the drop-down list.
    Beta Angle Check to Assign Member Rotation and then select the option for rotation from the list. Type in the Angle in Degrees if you select that option.
    Member Release Check to Assign to Member Start and Assign to Member End as needed. Select a end release specification from the drop-down list for each end you have added a member release.
  4. Click Save. The attribute set is updated with the new specification selections.
  5. Check the option to Assign these attributes when creating members.
    注記: This option can only be checked for one attribute set.
  6. Click OK.