STAAD.Pro Help

GS. Page Control

Within each workflow, there are a series of Pages available which layout the order of that workflow.

Though not required, it is recommended to work from left to right along the pages within any workflow.

Tip: If you close some of the dialogs for a page and need to display them again, simply click the Restore View tool () on the right-hand side of the page control bar.
Tip: You can use the Navigate Backward and Navigate Forward buttons found in the Quick Access Toolbar to move along your page navigation history.

Analytical Modeling

Pages in the Analytical Modeling workflow:
  • Geometry
  • Properties
  • Materials
  • Specifications
  • Supports
  • Loading
  • Analysis
  • Design

Building Planner

Pages in the Building Planner workflow:
  • Slab
  • Column
  • Beam
  • Geometry
  • Shearwall
  • Support
  • Release
  • Load
  • Design


Pages in the Piping workflow:
  • Pipe Runs
  • Supports

Bridge Deck

Pages in the Bridge Deck workflow:
  • Deck


Pages in the Postprocessing workflow:
  • Displacements
  • Reactions
  • Beam Results
  • Plate Results
  • Solid Results
  • Dynamics
  • Reports


Pages in the Foundation workflow:
  • Foundation

Steel AutoDrafter

Pages in the Steel AutoDrafter workflow:
  • Layout
  • Drawing
  • Material Take Off

Chinese Steel Design

Pages in the Chinese Steel Design workflow:
  • Parameters
  • Results

Connection Design

Pages in the Connection Design workflow:
  • Connections
  • Results
  • Seismic Frame

Advanced Slab Design

Pages in the Advanced Slab Design workflow:
  • Envelopes
  • Slab Design


Pages in the Earthquake workflow:
  • EC8 Stiffness
  • EC8 Plans
  • EC8 Elevations
Note: The Physical Modeling workflow and Concrete Design workflow do not have pages, but instead launch separate application windows.