STAAD.Pro Help

P. Design Results table

This table presents the results from a steel or aluminum design in a tabular form.

Opens when the page is selected.

The results given are the Design Property designated by a member selection, Utilization Ratio for the member from a code check or member selection operation, cross sectional areas about the member’s local axes, Ay, Az, Ax, web depth Dw, flange width Bf, and moments of inertia about the member’s local axes, Iz, Iy and Ix.

All tab

This table displays the following:
  1. The member number
  2. The cross-section name used for the initial analysis and for the final design result is displayed. In the event of multiple operations, the cross-section used in the last operation is displayed.
  3. Actual and allowable design ratios. When a RATIO parameter has been specified, this is listed as the allowable value.
  4. The normalized ratio is given, which is the actual ratio divided by the allowable. This is the critical value that indicates the suitability of the member. Normally, a value higher than 1.0 indicates the extent to which the member is over-stressed and a value below 1.0 indicates the reserve capacity available.
  5. The member property values of the section used in the design operation.

Failed Members tab

Shows the values for only those members which have failed from the standpoint of the code requirements. These usually have a utilization ratio higher than 1.0.