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T.3 Description of the tutorial problem

The structure for this project is a slab fixed along two edges. You will model it using 6 quadrilateral (i.e., 4-noded) plate elements. The structure and the mathematical model are shown in the figures below. It is subjected to selfweight, pressure loads and temperature loads. The purpose of this tutorial to create the model, assign all required input, perform the analysis, and review the results.

Theoretical model

Analytical model

Basic Data for the Structure

Attribute Data

Element properties

Slab is 300 mm thick

Material Constants

E, Density, Poisson, Alpha — Default values for concrete


Nodes along 2 adjacent edges; fixed against rotation and translation

Primary Loads

Load 1: Selfweight

Load 2: Pressure Load of 300 kg/m2 acting vertically downwards

Load 3: 75 degree F uniform expansion, plus top surface is 60 degrees hotter than the bottom

Combination Loads

Case 101: Case 1 + Case 2

Case 102: Case 1 + Case 3

Analysis Type

Linear Elastic