STAAD.Pro Help

M. To add a curved beam

To add a curved beam between two existing nodes, use the following procedure.

Curved members may only be created between two existing nodes. Any non-tapered cross-section is permitted for curved members. The internal angle subtended by the arc must be less than 180 degrees.

注記: The design of curved members is not supported.
  1. On the Geometry ribbon tab, select the Add Beam >  Add Curved Beam tool in the Beam group.

    ヒント: This tool is contained on a drop-down list below the Add Beam tool.
    The pointer changes to the Add Curved Beam cursor ().
  2. Click on the start and end nodes, respectively.

    The Curve Beam Properties dialog opens.

  3. Type the Radius of Curvature (in current units of length) and the Gamma Angle (in degrees) values.

    The gamma angle,γ , is the angle between the member local Y axis and the plane of the circular arc of the member.

  4. Click OK. The curved beam will is added to the model.
  5. Repeat steps 2 through 4 to add more curved beams.
  6. To stop adding beams:

    Press <Esc>


    select any tool