STAAD.Pro Help

T.1 Viewing the model in 3D

You can review the model in 3D in the STAAD.Pro user interface.

The model rendered in three dimensions

  1. Right-click in the view window and select Structure Diagrams from the pop-up menu.

    The Diagrams dialog opens to the Structure tab.

    The options under 3D Sections control how the members are displayed.

    displays the structure without displaying the cross-sectional properties of the members and elements.
    Full Sections
    displays the 3D cross-sections of members, depending on the member properties.
    Sections Outline
    displays only the outline of the cross-sections of members.
  2. Select Full Sections and then click OK.
    Tip: You can also change the color of the sections by clicking on the Section Outline color button in the Colors group.
Alternatively, you can quickly render the model in 3D in a new window either by:
  • selecting the 3D Rendering tool in the Windows group on the View ribbon tab or
  • selecting View > 3D Rendering.
This method has no further settings for colors.